Author - David Burton

New Wooden Rewards Card launched.

If you agree that there is too much plastic in our lives and want to ‘do your bit’ to help your local high street shops survive, you’ll love our wooden rewards cards / gift cards. Performance Bonus sponsors ‘Country Clutter of Chepstow’ - a traditional high street gift shop, for which we provide the website

Mastercard REWARD card approved by HMRC

Mastercard approved by HMRC. Today, the prepaid contactless Mastercard from Programme Manager Performance Bonus Ltd was approved as a 'non cash voucher' by HMRC. Reward your employees. Now rewards made through the REWARD cards to your own employees can be accounted for annually to HMRC through a PAYE settlement arrangement (PSA) rather than monthly through payroll and then...

Bonus Administrator in testing

Today, our Development team are delighted to announce successful pre-launch round testing of the new 'multi-client' Bonus Administrator has been going very well. The new application has been developed to enable prepaid card ordering and loading to happen with minimal hassle at our clients' offices. Each award is recorded against a particular reason, so that budgeting can...