BONUSme.uk Web application updated

BONUSme.uk Web application updated

Performance Bonus is pleased to announce the latest release of our BONUSme.uk application to manage the BONUS prepaid Mastercard.

Cardholders can manage their BONUS cards on the BONUSme.uk App, where they can monitor their balance, freeze/unfreeze their cards, see their PIN reminder plus keep an eye on their spending and Bonus credits.

Now there is even the facility for dealers/manufacturers to use the BONUSme app and card to reward their own customers for introducing friends and family to their business and/or brand.

According to Performance Bonus CEO David Burton “These enhancements to the BONUSme app are very well timed. Because now, more than ever in most of our lifetimes, there has not been a greater need to increase income. Sitting comfortably alongside the ever more popular Ebay and cashback websites, BONUSme gives people a chance to monetise their personal networks as well as earn ‘non cash rewards’ from their suppliers and/or employers”.

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