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Tax Free incentives for employees | Boost employee loyalty

The ‘cost of living crisis’ is making it harder than ever to retain good employees. Everyone is getting squeezed - with the necessities of life that we used to take for granted, like food, fuel and heating now costing everyone so much that many are worried about managing to pay their mortgage or rent. Not surprisingly, people... Web application updated

Performance Bonus is pleased to announce the latest release of our application to manage the BONUS prepaid Mastercard.Cardholders can manage their BONUS cards on the App, where they can monitor their balance, freeze/unfreeze their cards, see their PIN reminder plus keep an eye on their spending and Bonus credits. Now there is even...

MotorV8 cardholders can transfer to new BONUS contactless Mastercard

Help is at hand for those MotorV8 card holders who did not spend their available credit before the Dec 31 deadline. All cardholders were notified about the closure of the MotorV8 incentive programme and the fact that the MotoNovo Finance Visa cards would stop working on 31 December 2020. And in response to these communications, the majority...

New Wooden Rewards Card launched.

If you agree that there is too much plastic in our lives and want to ‘do your bit’ to help your local high street shops survive, you’ll love our wooden rewards cards / gift cards. Performance Bonus sponsors ‘Country Clutter of Chepstow’ - a traditional high street gift shop, for which we provide the website

Mastercard REWARD card approved by HMRC

Mastercard approved by HMRC. Today, the prepaid contactless Mastercard from Programme Manager Performance Bonus Ltd was approved as a 'non cash voucher' by HMRC. Reward your employees. Now rewards made through the REWARD cards to your own employees can be accounted for annually to HMRC through a PAYE settlement arrangement (PSA) rather than monthly through payroll and then...