Save time with the essentials

Every campaign needs communications to reinforce its launch.
Whether your objective is to win new accounts, launch new products and services, introduce a new payment process for temporary resource, or give existing lines a sales incentive boost.
Performance Bonus people are able to draw on our considerable experience, from drafting copy to managing complete conference launch events.
And we are delighted to work in whatever way works best for you.
Whether you would like us to take a lead role, or simply to support your existing marketing and agency people with appropriate know-how, just let us know.
A PrePaid Visa card is a financial product.
As such you are going to need Terms and Conditions in the relevant brochures and online resources etc which accurately reflect the solution you are introducing to your audience.
These important communications need to 'strike the balance' between being written in Plain English while also being compliant with relevant legislation to protect the cardholder and respect relevant HMRC obligations.
The objective being to ensure that everything is completely clear and unambiguous for everyone concerned.
Communications which aim to keep everyone engaged in your programme are a recognised critical success factor in incentive programme management.
For example, your salesforce may need regular reports to identify dormant or non-activated reward accounts, or your audience may benefit from regular reminders about the High Street savings and special offers that their card entitles them to.
Each programme will have its own unique requirements and we will work with you to continuously discover and refine the right mix of activity for your initiative.

Increase engagement ---> increase performance

New Card Openers

Each person, who signs up to your programme, needs to be welcomed appropriately and shown how to use their reward/card account.
They also need to be reminded of the main reasons why they agreed to join your programme.
We will be delighted to help you bring these communications together.

Card activation reminders

Whether we like it or not, there will be those who sign up to join your programme, receive their personalised card through the post and then fail to activate their new card.
You are going to need to know who these people are and you are going to need to have a communications plan to follow-up to them.
Again, Performance Bonus will be delighted to provide you with reports for your people to follow-up and help you to create a range of direct follow-up communications.

Now win some awards

We will agree a programme of email communication to your audience, which maintains regular contact with them and reminds them of the wide range of benefits which you provide for them.
In addition, we would love to enter your programme (Only with your permission, obviously!) for a range of Marketing, loyalty and card payments awards to help with building your positive PR around your fantastic new programme.